Go Smudge Yourself!

Burning sage is a great way of cleaning the air in your home to get rid of germs you don’t want your family to breathe in. Although this practice has been around for hundreds of years, recent research has proven that you can clear bacteria from the air by burning sage herb.

Burning sage removes 94% of bacteria in the air. Just light one end of a smudging “stick” on fire and then blow it out. The resulting smoke “smudges” the air in the room and the properties in the smoke kill most of the existing bacteria in the air.

White sage is preferred and you can find sage burners for burning it.

Sage is 100% natural and will not cause allergic reactions for people with scent sensitivities. It also smells amazing! Research found that the smoke needs about an hour to cleanse the air. So make sure you burn enough sage a couple to last that long!