Amazonite Pendulum

Amazonite Pendulum

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Amazonite Pendulum.

A pendulum is an instrument used for dowsing. People who use a pendulum believe that the answer to every question an individual may ever ask is already in their subconscious mind. They believe that a pendulum can be used to form a link with this information on a very subtle level. The information a pendulum gives us (usually in the form of 'yes' or 'no' answers) through the manner of its rotation, can then help in pursuits such as finding missing objects, locating ley lines (energy lines in the earth), locating weaknesses or strengths within the human aura and helping us to make decisions.

Amazonite is known as the lucky hope stone, as it will be lucky for all your hopes & dreams. It brings calming and soothing energies, especially in times of stress. Amazonite it known for its detoxifying properties and protects against electromagnetic pollution.

Pendulums are approx 4-5cm in length and weigh approx 15g with a chain measuring approx 18cm.

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