Banjara Patchouli Smudge Pyramid Cones

Banjara Patchouli Smudge Pyramid Cones

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Sourced from the heart of South America, these hand-rolled cones are crafted for purifying spaces and minds.

Each Smudge Pyramid Cones set arrives in an elegantly presented display box. Within this box, you'll discover 12 individual packages, each housing 10 of these distinctive pyramid-shaped smudge cones.

The enduring symbolism of the pyramid encompasses a myriad of advantages, such as enhancing health, stimulating creativity, sparking passion, and alleviating tension. Smudge Pyramid Cones harness this ancient wisdom to infuse balance and harmony into your life.

The pyramid's innate power is thought to sharpen concentration and inspire creative thinking, rendering these cones ideal for meditation, yoga, and brainstorming sessions.

How to Use: 

Place the Smudge Pyramid Cone in a fireproof dish or smudging bowl. Ignite the cone's tip until it catches fire, allowing it to burn briefly before blowing out the flame, leaving a smouldering ember. As the aromatic smoke pervades your space, it purifies the atmosphere, ushering in the potential of pyramid energy. 

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