Cedarwood Seven Chakras Bracelet
Cedarwood Seven Chakras Bracelet

Cedarwood Seven Chakras Bracelet

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Cedarwood Seven Chakras Bracelet.

Combining genuine aromatic cedarwood beads with the radiant energy of gemstones, these bracelets serve as holistic tools for spiritual wellness.

At the heart of this bangle lies a symphony of seven gemstones, each representing one of the major energy centres in the body: 

Red Jasper for the Root Chakra 

Carnelian for the Sacral Chakra 

Citrine for the Solar Plexus Chakra 

Rose Quartz for the Heart Chakra 

Sodalite for the Throat Chakra 

Amethyst for the Third Eye Chakra 

Clear Quartz for the Crown Chakra

Each bracelet carries a unique message with an information card related to the specific chakra it represents.

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