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Green Moss Agate Polished Tumblestone

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Green Moss Agate Polished Tumblestone.

Moss Agate is believed to be beneficial for treating the lungs and for easing breathing difficulties. It is also said to help the eyes, stimulate digestion, eliminate toxins from the body and relieve the symptoms of cold and flu. Moss Agate may also help in treating fungal infections and in relieving the symptoms of dehydration.

Moss Agate helps us to rid ourselves of the feeling of being emotionally stifled. It is a balancing stone for our emotions and increases our self-esteem. It helps us to become much more agreeable and to get on with people better. In fact, it gives a boost to all of our positive personality traits. Moss Agate helps to make us more persuasive and gives us the inner strength to carry on with things until they are finished. In ancient times Moss Agate was thought to bring riches and to grant the power of speed. Moss Agate brings us the energy of the natural world allowing us to communicate with both the plant and the mineral kingdom. It also helps us to be able to see beauty in all things.

Each stone measures approximately 20mm - 30mm per stone. Shape may vary.

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