Sodalite Essential Roller Oil Bottle - The Sun
Sodalite Essential Roller Oil Bottle - The Sun

Sodalite Essential Roller Oil Bottle - The Sun

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Illuminate Your Essence.

Bask in Radiant Confidence: "The Sun" emerges as a beacon of self-assurance, a gemstone-infused essential oil roll-on that captures the invigorating energy of a sunlit day. Infused with the clarifying power of Sodalite gemstones, this blend is your ally in embracing a life lived boldly and brightly.

The Sun's Stone: Sodalite:

Nestled within each roll-on is a Sodalite gemstone, chosen for its ability to enhance self-esteem and encourage emotional balance. Sodalite's presence in "The Sun" seeks to amplify your inner convictions, promoting a steadfast confidence that resonates with the roll-on's zesty aura.

  • Integrate into your daily affirmations to fortify a positive self-image.
  • Use as an aromatic cue for moments requiring courage and poise.
  • Anoint as a personal fragrance to naturally enhance your charismatic presence.
  • Present as a cherished gift to inspire warmth and assurance in loved ones.

Let "The Sun" be the light that guides you to your fullest potential, with the brightness of the blend and the confidence-boosting power of Sodalite leading the way.

Made in the UK with 100 % Pure Essential Oil Blend, real gemstones and comes with a detachable tarot card.

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